Beyond Personalization 2005

A Workshop on the Next Stage of Recommender Systems Research

January 9, 2005

In conjunction with the 2005 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2005)

San Diego, California
January 9-12, 2005

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Topics and Goals

A summary of the results of this workshop is available for download.

This workshop intends to bring recommender systems researchers and practitioners together in order to discuss the current state of recommender systems research, both on existing and emerging research topics, and to determine how research in this area should proceed. We are at a pivotal point in recommender systems research where researchers are both looking inward at what recommender systems are and looking outward at where recommender systems can be applied, and the implications of applying them out 'in the wild.' This creates a unique opportunity to both reassess the current state of research and directions research is taking in the near and long term.

This workshop will focus on the following four main topics:

  1. Understanding and trusting recommender systems.
    Do users understand and trust the recommendations they receive from recommender systems, what kinds of information do recommenders need to provide to users to build trust, and how difficult is it to regain trust in a recommender if it is lost?
  2. User interfaces for recommender systems.
    What are good ways to present recommendations to users, how do you integrate recommenders into the displays of existing information systems, and how can interfaces encourage users to provide ratings in order to 'close the loop' for recommendations, that is, how can you get users to consume the items recommended and then tell the system how good the recommendations are?
  3. The future of recommendation algorithms and their metrics.
    How can we generate better individual and group recommendations, develop new metrics and evaluation criteria for recommendations, and achieve cross-domain recommendations?
  4. Social consequences and opportunities of recommender systems.
    How do individuals and groups of people respond to recommendations, how can recommendations be integrated with online and real world communities, and in what ways do recommendations affect social organizations?

Intended Audience

The workshop is intended for both established researchers and practioners in the domain of recommender systems as well as for new researchers and students with interesting ideas on recommender systems and their future. Participants do not have to come from a specific application domain, as long as their research or ideas are on one of the main topics of the workshop.