Beyond Personalization 2005

A Workshop on the Next Stage of Recommender Systems Research

January 9, 2005

In conjunction with the 2005 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2005)

San Diego, California
January 9-12, 2005

Topic and Goals

Paper Submission

Call For Papers (text)

Important Dates

Accepted Contributions

Workshop Schedule


Workshop Schedule

Our workshop is a half-day workshop to be held on the morning of 9 January 2005 with the following schedule:

Workshop Session

Welcome and Introduction
Mark van Setten, Sean M. McNee, and Joseph A. Konstan

Minute Madness
Each full paper and position statement author gets one minute to introduce themselves and say something about their paper.

"Reflections on the past, visions of the future"
A Panel on Recommender Systems

Panelists: Robin Burke, Alfred Kobsa, Hugo Liu, Ben Schafer, and special guest, Barry Smyth

In this panel, four workshop paper authors and our special guest will talk about their experiences with recommender systems, the problems that recommenders are facing today, and possibilities of what the future could hold.

Coffee Break

The coffee break is shared with the other workshops.

Workshop Session
Breakout sessions
In this interactive portion of the workshop, paper and position statement authors will work together in groups centered on one of the four main topics addressed by the workshop. This time is meant to discuss each other's work and positions heald on the assigned topic. Each breakout group is charged with providing answers to the questions posed by the workshop.

Results and Reactions
One member from each breakout group will report back to the entire workshop on what their breakout group discussed and the answers the group came up with. If there is time, we will hold a general discussion concerning these topics with a goal of answering the questions posed by the workshop and determining how we, as researchers and practioners, can work together to improve recommender systems.

Summary and Closing Comments
Mark van Setten, Sean M. McNee, and Joseph A. Konstan

A summary of the results of this workshop is available for download.