Interesting article about the HD-DVD format wars from the Economist.  Basically the article argues that although Blu-Ray appears to have won, they may be fighting a battle that doesn’t matter for three reasons: (1) The upconverters on current regular def DVD players are getting so good that consumers won’t notice the difference; (2) Streaming may get from our curb to our TV player before we start buying HD DVDs; and (3) rewritable media — particularly USB keys — may become so big and so cheap that we start using them instead of DVDs.

My favorite part of the article is the last two paragraphs where the author speculates about how many pixels it will take to fill the complete pixel-consuming ability of the human eye.  It’s interesting to imagine a time when what we see in a “movie” will be exactly the same resolution as what we see in the “real world”.  How will that change entertainment?  Work?


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