Interesting article about pay-per-tweet technology from izea, the company that already leads in pay-per-blog.  Seems like an awkward way to fund a social medium, having people pretend to like stuff because they’re getting paid to pretend.  Of course, we’re used to that from our funding for radio and television and publishing and …  Interesting that books, for instance, work on a completely different model, and that most movie revenue still comes from direct pay.  What’s different about the media we refuse to directly pay for, and the media we are willing to directly pay for?  Is it possible to change one into the other?

If the hidden price model is the only choice, we should seek a set of ethical rules for it.  Perhaps the adverts could just be clearly marked as being for-pay.


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  1. Paul

    That´s a nice idea!
    But perhaps because it involves a financial reward it may lose relevance and confidence. But I think an interesting idea and I think it should be tested.

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  2. Richard Sharpe

    I am afraid this kind of spam is what will eventually make the internet useless.

  3. richard sharpe

    Our views on different methods of communication and how we should pay, don’t come from logic they actually come from our experience and expectations. never expect them to be logical

  4. BT Phones

    Its seems odd that your asking the company that provides tweets, to identify what someone else is being paid for as a paid post ?

  5. designer fashion

    izea is the same company of pay per post isn’t it? I think they like doing “pay per” business

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